The Stronghold Slayer Cave is a massive dungeon located beneath the Gnome Stronghold. It contains many of the Slayer monsters that are commonly assigned to players. Anyone can enter the dungeon, but players can only attack the Slayer monster they were assigned, and only while the task has not been completed. It can be accessed under the Trollheim Teleport or the Training Teleport (named Nieve's Slayer Cave)

Monsters found in this dungeon are as follows:

  • Cave Kraken (lvl-127)
  • Bloodveld (lvl-76)
  • Hellhound (lvl-122)
  • Abberant Spectre (lvl-96)
  • Greater Demon (lvl-92)
  • Fire Giant (lvl-86)
  • Ankou (lvl-75)
  • Waterfiend (lvl-115)
  • Abyssal Demon (lvl-124)

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