Rat Burgiss
Rat Burgiss
Race Human
Location Edgeville
Sells Items? Slayer Store
Gender Male
Notable features Allows access to Slayer Store.
It's a Rat Burgiss.

  Rat Burgiss is the non-player character who will sell you Slayer equipment in exchange for Slayer points.

Slayer Store Edit

The Slayer Store uses Slayer points as currency.

Item Name Quantity Value
Enchanted Gem Enchanted Gem 1 Free
Slayer's Staff Slayer's Staff 1 70
Lit Bug Lantern Lit Bug Lantern 1 50
Black mask Black Mask 1 250
Slayer helmet Slayer Helmet 1 500
Bonecrusher Bonecrusher 1 500
Tanzanite mutagen Tanzanite Mutagen 1 1250
Magma mutagen Magma Mutagen 1 1250

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