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Magic Store owner chathead

The Magic Store Owner is located in Edgeville and is one of the core shops in Divine-Reality. He keeps a very large stock of Runes and basic magic gear.

This is one of the stores that are not usable by Ironmen.

Item Price (GP) Stock
Fire rune
Fire Rune 4 1000k
Water Rune
Water Rune 4 1000k
Air rune
Water Rune 4 1000k
Earth Rune
Earth Rune 4 1000k
Mind rune
Mind Rune 3 1000k
Body rune
Body Rune 3 1000k
Death Rune
Death Rune 280 1000k
Nature Rune
Nature Rune 180 1000k
Chaos rune
Chaos Rune 90 1000k
Law rune
Law Rune 240 1000k
Blood Rune
Blood Rune 400 1000k
Soul Rune
Soul Rune 300 1000k
Astral rune-0
Astral Rune 50 500

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