A Kingdom is a region of Divine-Reality, generally inhabited and ruled by one of the several races of Divine-Reality.

Kingdoms Edit

Human kingdoms Edit

  • Misthalin (Capital: Varrock)
  • Asgarnia (Capital: Falador)
  • Kandarin (Capital: Ardougne)
  • Karamja (partially ruled by humans) (Capital: Shilo Village)
  • Kharidian Desert (Capital: Sophanem)
  • Entrana (Capital: N/A)
  • Crandor (Capital: N/A)
  • Miscellania (Capital: N/A)
  • Fremennik Isles (Capital: Rellekka)
  • Lunar Isle (Capital: N/A)

Other kingdoms Edit

  • Ape Atoll is ruled by monkeys. (Capital: Marim)

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