Hunting Expert
Hunter exp
Race Human
Location Home
Sells Items? Hunting Shop
Gender Male
Notable features He sells hunting supplies.
It's a Hunting Expert.
 The Hunting Expert will sell you all the items necessary for you to achieve 99 hunter.

Hunter Supplies, Uses coins

Hunter exp shop

Hunting Supplies
Item Number in stock Price bought at
Butterfly Net 50 20
Bird Snare 50 5
Box Trap 50 32
Small Fishing Net 50 5
Rope 50 1000
Spotted Cape 50 400
Spottier Cape 50 800
Strung Rabbit Foot 1 30
Jungle Camo Top 50 20
Jungle Camo Legs 50 20
Wood Camo Top 50 20
Wood Camo Legs 50 20
Desert Camo Top 50 20
Polar Camo Top 50 20
Polar Camo Legs 50 20

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