Combat Level 122
Hitpoints 116
Slayer Level 1
Aggressive yes
Attack Style melee
Attack Speed
Max Hit 11
Weakness none
Always Drops Bones
Examine Hello, nice doggy...

Hellhound is a mid-high level slayer npc. It has no slayer requirements to attack. They can be found in quite a few locations throughout Divine-Reality. These locations include Taverley Dungeon, Nieve's Cave, and Zeah Catacomb.


Always DropsEdit

Item Quantity Rarity
Bones Bones 1 1 Always

Common & UncommonEdit

Item Quantity Rarity
Coins Coins 1 – 25,000 2 Common
File:Rune Chainbody.png Rune Chainbody 1 2 Common
File:Rune Plateskirt.png Rune Plateskirt 1 2 Common
File:Rune Med Helm.png Rune Med Helm 1 2 Common
File:Monster Casket.png Monster Casket 1 8 1/35
Grimy Ardrigal Grimy Ardrigal 1 2 Common
File:Tiara.png Tiara 1 3 Uncommon
File:Air Tiara.png Air Tiara 1 3 Uncommon
File:Mind Tiara.png Mind Tiara 1 3 Uncommon
File:Water Tiara.png Water Tiara 1 3 Uncommon
File:Body Tiara.png Body Tiara 1 3 Uncommon
File:Earth Tiara.png Earth Tiara 1 3 Uncommon
File:Fire Tiara.png Fire Tiara 1 3 Uncommon
File:Cosmic Tiara.png Cosmic Tiara 1 3 Uncommon
File:Nature Tiara.png Nature Tiara 1 3 Uncommon
File:Chaos Tiara.png Chaos Tiara 1 3 Uncommon
File:Law Tiara.png Law Tiara 1 3 Uncommon
File:Death Tiara.png Death Tiara 1 3 Uncommon
File:Astral Tiara.png Astral Tiara 1 3 Uncommon

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