Donator Island
Donator island
Kingdom Unknown
Levels Lower
Strongest Monster Chaos Elemental
Inhabitants/Race Dragons, Abyssal Demons, Aubury and Barrows Npcs
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This Dungeon is Called Donator Island which is accessible by typing ::di in-game.

To enter the dungeon, players must be a donator and type ::di Ingame


The dungeon can be reached by using ::di


  • Chaos Elemental
  • Black Dragons (3)
  • Red Dragons (3)
  • Abyssal Demons (6)
  • Green Dragons (3)
  • Verac (3)
  • Ahrim (3)
  • Karil (3)
  • Guthans (3)

Personalities Edit

  • Aubury - The Runecrafting Master

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