Welcome to one of many guides I will be creating!

All my guides will have a certain topic prefix which is "[Guide]" this is how you may distinguish if the thread is mine or some other player. This guide is to explain the usage and to display the commands that we have on Divine-Reality. So let's get started...


Part I: Player Commands

Part II: Donator Commands

Part III: Premium Commands

Part IV: Sponsor Commands

Part I: Player Commands


Any text after this dash is a clan message and will be submitted to your clan if you are in one.

::auth [a1b2]

This is how you redeem your authentication codes from voting.

::changepassword [newpassword]

Changes your password.


If on resizable will make your chat box transparent.


Lists the commands available.


Opens the Divine-Reality store.


Teleports you to our home - Edgeville.

::market / ::shops

Teleports you to the market.


If on resizable will make your tab background transparent.


Displays a list of all players currently online also showing their rank title and icon.


Directs you to our external ticket centre where you can report any bugs you may find.

::si [item]

Searches all non-player character tables for the item specified.


Skulls the player with its normal effects. This lasts 20 minutes. 

::sn [non-player character]

Displays all items dropped by this non-player character.


Shows a list of all staff members currently online showing their name and icon.


After 30 seconds of non-combat and movement actions you will be teleported to home. A notification will be sent to the staff team in order to verify you are truly stuck. To be used if ::home cannot be used.


Opens our terms of service which must be read by all players.


Submits a ticket which staff members can pick up on. Should only be used when a question cannot be answered with the private messaging feature.

::topic [####] / ::thread [####]

Directs you to the topic number. Topic numbers are the digits found on the URL of a forum post 'showforum=5000'.


Teleports you to Rock Crabs.


Opens the link to our voting system. All players should use this command, it's pretty decent. You get a free party hat from it (Ha, they'll never know).


Opens the website (


Directs you to our wikipedia page.

Part II: Donator Commands

All commands from the previous parts apply.


Teleports you to donator island.

::yell [message]

Submits a global message for all online players to see.

Part III: Premium Commands

All commands from the previous parts apply.


Teleports you to premium island.

Part IV: Sponsor Commands

All commands from the previous parts apply.


Shows you the different colour combinations for titles.

::title1 [a1b2c3]

Sets a blue title for up to 6 characters.

::title2 [a1b2c3]

Sets a red title for up to 6 characters.

::title3 [a1b2c3]

Sets a purple title for up to 6 characters.

::title4 [a1b2c3]

Sets a light blue (cyan) title for up to 6 characters.

Thanks for reading, hoped this helped.

Credits to Azuline

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